08 January 2008

Tickets and shipping

So in the past week I have been shipping out all sorts of items to various places. I finally found a website that will help me keep the amount of books in my bookshelves down to how many books the shelves will hold :) Good all around I suspect. Anyway, I finally bought a bunch of padded envelopes so I could ship things out easily and I have been very carefully opening all envelopes I receive so as to re-use them! Anyway, I finally added to it by posting up all my cd's that are in mint condition. I also bought jewel cases for them at the electronics store for a bargain at $2.73, go employee discount!, since I never keep jewel cases. Anyway, if you want to add to your collection or get books to read that you don't want to buy...check out Swaptree!

In other news, I'm still waiting for my Wilco tickets to arrive. If I didn't hate calling people I'd phone the guy up and ask about them but I'm trying to have patience. I'm also still waiting for 2 of my books to come from Alibris that I bought through Amazon after Christmas.

In other news, my new stereo arrived a few days ago and I have it all set up :) Yesterday was funny too, forgot to mention earlier but with Swaptree I currently have up to 10 trades at a time going on, so I do...yesterday I had 4 books waiting when I arrived home! One reason to love Swaptree is you actually get packages in the mail!

In other news, my iPod on shuffle is funny because I have so many Wilco songs on it that sometimes I get multiple songs in a row by them. I have a game as well, I try to guess within the first 2 measures what the song/artist is. Sometimes I don't need that long. Sometimes I can sing the notes and words and it takes me a while to actually figure out who it is. Fun times.

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