12 January 2008

Have you puked today?

Well it took me some thinking to realise something tonight.

Oh you want to know what it is?

Okay well in the 4-5 years that I regularly took care of my wee cousin Jacob he never once puked on me or puked while I was there. Mind you, I was there with him when he had colic, when he was learning to talk, when he was learning to use the toilet and when he took his first steps...from me to his mom. But no, I do NOT recall him getting sick anytime I was there.

So tonight was a first for me. A puking child..who puked not once or twice but 5 times. Let me just say it didn't bother me, it was just annoying to have to keep changing his clothes. I should mention, as I originally forgot to say, he had only puked once before I arrived, and the parents DID ask if I wanted them to stay home, but it was no big deal, and he didn't have a temperature. So after I stripped him out of his 2nd outfit I figured he would just go with the diaper look. Worked really well! We only had another problem after he laid down to go to sleep and he puked on the bed. Oops thats a problem. So he went to sleep laying on me on the couch in the dark. Fun times for me. Oh well at least I got combat pay. I'm also glad I wore my warm up bottoms. They are lined on the inside with grey cotton and the outside is a tough blue nylon. WIPEABLE trousers :) Yup at least I was unknowingly prepared.

In other news, it's still fun getting new books, cd's and dvd's every other day or so. I'm thinking now that I'm posting everything from home the mailman is going to start thinking I'm selling some illegal items or something.

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