18 January 2008

Going out and having fun

With my dwindling work schedule...through both my main jobs I have been having a lot of free time on my hands. With this time I have decided to start reading all the books I have been swapping for. I've read a few lately and it's been wonderful to have such relaxing time! Another thing I decided I would do is clean the house. I started with my room. It took me a good amount of Wednesday to do this and ended up with me realising the vacuum needs new filters, HEPA and the conical one that goes inside. We have a bagless vacuum and it decided to make noise like it was picking up dirt but wasn't actually doing anything. So after ordering filters I finished my room. I now have a good amount of floor space to fill. That's the wonderful news, Sarah and I happen to be going up to Chicago in February for a Wilco concert and as it happens we are going to IKEA and a few other stores so hopefully I can buy some new bedding, as mine is shredding, and quite possible a comfy chair to read in.

After going out on Sunday night with workmates, last night was another night out, Sarah and 2 of our other co-workers went out to talk and have fun. Ended up playing a few rounds of cards as well as some darts. It was the first time all 4 of us went out and it was a good time to get to know each other as better friends. We were out til midnight! Then tonight, before I left work my mum phoned me and asked about going to dinner so we went to Exotic Thai (my choice) and tried some new dishes. I told them afterwards that the only thing they are lacking is mints because I always end up getting curry or other spicy hot items to eat!

Now I'm home and slightly exhausted after being out late last night. I really should actually OPEN my 2 new swaptree items that came today. It seriously is like a mini-christmas treat every time I receive something in the mail.

I'm not sure which I'm more excited about, going to see Wicked FINALLY in Chicago in March, or going to 2 Wilco concerts in 2 different locations and hanging out with friends both weekends I go to their concerts.

So my recommended music listening today is: Robert Randolph and the Family Band singing Ain't Nothing Wrong with That. Which can be found on Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack Season 3, which funny enough is one of my top 4 favourite shows.

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