25 December 2007

Merry Wilco Christmas

So...lo and behold I take the time to go on all my normal websites while I'm hanging out here at home tonight. What do I find? Someone on the Wilco board parting with 2 tickets for the Saturday night show at the Riviera of the Residency. YES woooooo. So ...I see that it's been 2 1/2 hours since they posted this information but I send them a PM and hope for the best. Apparently I'm the first person to actually reply and so YES..I may have scored myself a pair of tickets. Now..the only question is, who I take with me?!

Last night, we had dinner, mom, dad, grandma B. and myself...lovely spaghetti with homemade sauce. Then over to Sarah's for her family Christmas. I even got a present from Sarah, she gave me Cranium WOW and then we played it directly.

Today, I slept in..YAY! Then opened presents here, well even Flash opened his gift of a new flashing ball to play with. I was given a gift card for the Apple Store :) about 1/2 there on that front. As well as a light wool jacket that is...well sometimes it's green and sometimes it's brown. It depends on the light. As well as a calendar and socks. I need more socks. I gave mom a new case for her ever expanding cd collection, dad was given a fly swatter that makes a fly noise as a joke from mom and Flash..well as you can see he opened his very own present which was a flashing yellow ball! Oh I also received a gift card from my friend Karen! I didn't open that til this morning as well!

At grandma's I was given more socks, a gift card, and cash. WOO gotta love cold hard cash. You can see almost all our family in the following photo. Out on the front step of grandma's. Plus a photo of mom, dad and my uncle Jerry's dad (my dad's sister's husband's father..so NOT my grandfather) and then my aunt Theresa, my wee cousin Jacob (who I have babysat a lot more when he was wee and a bit less now..)and my uncle Jerry.

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