09 December 2007

Lemonade and oreos

So the worst thing about paying bills, is how you send all your checks out and sometimes it takes them nearly 2 weeks to cash them. It's like what are you doing with my check? Did you just throw it in a pile with a bunch of others? The bank can't be that far from your business.

So last night each department only had 2 people a piece to close, which was funny, considering that it was the busiest day we've had since Black Friday. We did a weeks worth of business yesterday and that's just ridiculous and we were NOT staffed adequately.

Oh you are wondering how I know this? I found 10....yes you read that right....10 PSP game/movie cases that had been opened...and the little discs were stolen. I found them in Anime videos. I found about 3 right off, while just straightening dvd's. Well they were all on the bottom shelf, either on top of the dvd's or between the actual dvd's. So then I got on the floor and crawled back and forth a few times and found 7 more. Amazing isn't it. They weren't even that all great of games. Oh well.

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