31 December 2007

Favourite Things

For my last post of the new year I am going to list my 2007 favourites :)

Favourite New Website - Swaptree - trade your books, music, dvd's and video games and only pay postage!
Favourite New Movies - National Treasure, the Secret Book and P.S. I Love You
Favourite New Band - The New Pornographers
Favourite New 2007 Job - Hightech Signs
Favourite New Dessert - Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch (found at Target in the deli)
Favourite Newer Known Band to me - Wilco
Favourite Gifts Given - the car parking kit for R that Lulu and I came up with


Nicole said...

A friend of mine swears by paperbackswap.com and says it has helped her clean her bookshelves as well. I'll pass this link along to her so she can compare the sites. Thanks!

shot in the arm said...

I checked that paperbackswap out and it looks like it's a bit harder to earn books. But I suppose it's also less of a liability because you are basically guaranteed your books since you only get more when you have received credit for the ones you have sent out. Swaptree is a bit different, you do get rated and the more positive responses you get from those you have traded with the more trades you are allowed to do at one time. There isn't anything about fees on swaptree other then a few cents you pay extra towards your postage from whoever they go through to allow that to work. :)