16 December 2007

at my wit's end

I'm so tired...tired of working. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my jobs, but I am starting to wonder how long it will be before I get pneumonia. Had it before, so more likely to get it again. Fun times!

Friday night was awesome! Sarah and I went to dinner at Red Lobster and thought we had plenty of time. So we drive to the Mark to go to Creative Christmas and we are walking in, talking about being clueless about certain things...meanwhile we ARE completely clueless. We thought it started at half 7 so we were there about 8 minutes early. Back to us walking in, we walk in to the Mark, not even thinking about the fact that there was noone around, that it was pretty empty and there wasn't a crowd before the show. Sounds odd eh? Well we realised after we handed our tickets over that actually the show had started at 7. Big oopsie eh? Yup but at least we had lower bowl front row. Great seats!!

Wilco...well I was able to get my tix for the Des Moines show in March. I'm pretty excited about that. Unfortuntately even with 2 pre-sales and the regular sales I wasn't able to get ANY tickets for any of the 5 days of the Chicago Residency at the Riviera. GRR...so annoying. Basically I'm hoping that a lot of credit cards don't work and I'm able to get some. I'd even pay for the full 5 day pass...but only at normal price. The worst part is not even an hour later there were a TON of tickets for auction on e-bay and a few other locations. I'm pretty upset about scalpers so I emailed the Touring Company and the Management of Wilco. That's right I took action. No sense in complaining if I'm not going to try and do anything about it. It was a nice, hopefully well thought out email.

Is it almost Christmas? Oo that means after the ice storm and having a day off, my next day off is Christmas day.

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