07 December 2007

already planning for February and March

So tonight I had a social life. Yup, it was pretty exciting too!

After work, which I got off early from because we were done quickly today :) I phoned S and let her know I was done and we decided to meet at the bookstore. Where I said hello to many people and bought my lovely dvd set of The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard which i am very excited to finally watch in its full glory :) and all at one time. From there we went to Hy-Vee so I could buy buns for Saturdays chili cook-off at the electronics store. Took the buns to the electronics store and said hello to a few people. Then went over to Target and looked for a present for my mum, and S bought some chocolates for gifts she is giving. Then to Granite City for dinner, no wait :), then to the Theater to see The Golden Compass, which I am going to buy the mass market boxed set of. Then back to the bookstore for a long time, talked to loads of people and looked at the Golden Compass, as well as the Spiderwick Chronicles books. It was a fun night and I enjoyed seeing so many people! Now I'm really tired and still have to read the paper. At least I'm not having to wake up early tomorrow. I have to close at the electronics store though.

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