05 November 2007

Transitional Period

So with my many jobs comes trying to remember where I'm driving to, what time I have to be somewhere, and what clothing is the best for each job. The following is everything I've been up to.

1. I was working at the bookstore, until Thurs, 25th October, which was my last day.
2. I started working at Hightech Signs on Wed, 17th October. I work at both locations, they are on 23rd Ave in Moline just past Hy-Vee, and in a row of shops on Middle Road, also next to a Hy-Vee.
3. I started working at an electronics store on Sat, 3rd November. I am doing Media, which is a lot of helping customers in the music, dvd and game area, as well as doing displays for New Releases and stocking shelves.
4. I'm still working for Lifetime Surfaces, doing bookwork for the business.

So I can wear anything to all my jobs except the electronics store where I have to wear khaki trousers and brown shoes and a nice shirt til I get my own shirts from them.

On remembering to drive to the correct workplace, Friday I was driving to the Bettendorf location of the Sign shop and went right past Middle Road exit. I am still on auto-pilot to go to bookstore. Hopefully I will remember to turn left instead of right when I am going to the e.c. when I get up to 53rd! Oh and you can't leave food in the fridge, so for e.c. I have to think about taking food everytime. It's no wonder everyone there eats unhealthy, there is 2 vending machines in the break room!

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