09 November 2007

Stress-free finally

So was at the bookstore the other night to get my final pay stub (since my check was auto-deposited in the morning already) and of course there is no pay stub because there was a printing problem. Oh well, I was able to drop off the local newspaper and a cd for b. Plus had to pay for my 3 spo's that I still hadn't picked up. I had a coupon plus some money I had earned towards a future purchase. YAY for that. I ended up hanging out in the cafe for ages talking to one of the regular customers. Was telling her that I was only sleeping about 8 hours a night, which is odd since I have usually needed about 10 hours sleep. She told me that I'm not stressed anymore so I'm more rested. Weird thing is I didn't even know I was stressed in the first place, but I have to admit that I'm a bit happier. Course that could also be because I have the option to hang out on Fri and Sat nights with friends. What, a social life? Yup that's right!

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