17 November 2007

my brother

My brother is home right now...well he's not actually in the house, but he's out deer hunting with dad and all the guys. It's nice to have him here. I also appreciate the fact that he comes home alone cause it's just the four of us and it's nice to just hang out and be normal. On Thursday night when he got here after setting up hunting stands with dad (and I had been taking a nap after being off work early). He came up and knocked on my door, and it's so weird but I knew it was him and not mom knocking. A bit later I'm still hanging out in my room checking email and Andrew yells my name. So I went downstairs to find out where we were going to dinner at because Andrew said we were going to a bar, which I thought he meant 'Riscky's' nearby. Nope, mom tells me we are going in to town to eat. So upstairs I go to change clothes. Dinner was okay, but they had run out of the soup and that was the only thing I really wanted on the menu. After dinner I went to the electronics store to get my schedule for the upcoming week and ask a few questions about laptops, then over to the bookstore to take some newspapers in to a friend and get some from him to read. Ended up talking about the differences in the 2 stores. So then it was nearly time for them to close so thought I better leave or I'd end up helping them! As much as I enjoy my new jobs I miss most of the people at the bookstore. There are a lot of fun people there.

In other news, I washed my car and it looks pretty again. Now if I could just get my room to be clean we'd really be getting somewhere.

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