19 November 2007

Monday night fun

Tonight was our girls night out. Unfortunately M was out of town with her husband but J, S, and I were able to meet up for dinner at the Olive Garden. Was sooo good! Well really I hadn't eaten anything but Goldfish all day so i was quite hungry. But we had salad, breadsticks and cheese fondant with pieces of bread. S had fettucini, J had Tirimisu, and I had spaghetti bol. Oh and I got Tirimisu to go. I just finished eating it there now. YUM! It was nice to get together and talk and hear what both of them were up to. We even have plans for New Years, which is funny to me since i always stay home that night because let's face it, it's safer. So we are going to have a game night. Sounds fun.

Well it's almost Thanksgiving. And I have this Wed & Thurs off. I don't have to be at the sign shop this week so I am working at the electronics store on Friday from 2 to close. Yup that's right no waking up early for 3 days! Plus I'm boycotting all family functions for the holiday. S told me I can come to her house for the big day. Sounds a bit more interesting then my family that's for sure.
I received my cd's back in the mail today with the live shows of Wilco on them from the Adler and Iowa City. So now I'm making copies on my computer for everyone. I'm making 3 sets.


superlynz said...

you ate Goldfish?????

i had the day from heck today mel. was soooo bad! i was so stressed. my assignment wouldnt print out and was due in at 12. i got half of it in had to go talk to the professor who said to get the rest in when i could so finally i got the rest retyped on microsoft word and then i was heading home and realised i had lost my bank card, so i had n money on me to buy anythingbut thankfully i had bought a day ticket for the bus so i went in and had to cancel the bank card, im now at home about to start into my second assignment.........

shot in the arm said...

Goldfish is a cracker.
If you go to the following link you can check it out. http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/ProductLanding.aspx?catID=722

I'm sorry about your assignment issues. Why can't you email it to your professor?

When does a new bankcard come?