28 November 2007

long hair and Skype

Last night I turned on Skype. It's been a while I have to admit. I sorta forgot I even had the programme on here. So turned it on and saw my friend Dave was on. Sent him a wee message to say hi and the next thing I know it's ringing at me and he is sending me video of himself...so I can hear him and while video is loading I'm trying to get my video loaded too. Next thing you know I see him..and no, he's not alone, it's Johnny Kirk too! And wouldn't you know it they both mentioned my hair being long...cause I've not cut in ages. Funny things to talk about.

These are my two friends who came to America last year in August and stayed at my house for a few days. Then they went on to Route 66 and drove all the way to Cali, stopping at the Barbed Wire Museum, Las Vegas and many other memorable places along the way.

It was fun to see and talk to them both! Hopefully I'll remember to turn on Skype more often.
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ruthEbabes said...

Hey! I just came across your blog from the wee app on mine telling me where is linking to mine.

I'm glad I did, it'll be great keeping up to date with what you're up to.

Been meaning to email you a wee update and catch up type email.

Hope you're well! Love ya!