07 November 2007

a fight to remember

So working at the electronics store is definately a BIG difference from working at the bookstore. Guess what? They are customer oriented. Really. Basically you don't do that many tasks at all until you close or before you open the store. Last night I was in the warehouse sorting out cd's for about 2 hours. We had a huge shipment come in and all the cd's were in these yellow bins. We probably received about 20 containers of them. Luckily in the media area of the warehouse is a huge table that has the alphabet on it with squares where you put the cd's stacked up. Oh the alphabet is mainly for the Rock cd's. All the other cd's have their genre listed on the table. It was pretty fun and I got to be warm since I was hiding in the back I could wear my sweatshirt. One of the guys on warehouse gave me a hard time cause my media containers were all over the place. I told him, I left one job from being harassed by IPT to come to another job to be harassed by Warehouse. lol.

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