13 November 2007

all in blue

So it's been quite the day...and past night. Last night I worked from 4 to 10. Then I drove home and slept and went back in to work at 6 am. Yup...cept the Manager with the keys didn't show up til half 6 cause she was sleeping? It was funny though, because all of us were in our cars drinking our drinks from Starbucks. So we managed to get all the new releases out by around 11 am I think. Well I worked on a few dvd's but I ended up doing all the new games. We now have Super Mario Galaxy WOOO, stop in and get yours today. And I helped two different customers that are also regular customers at....yup thats right the bookstore. One of them recognised me and asked me if I was working at both places, so told him how I ended up at the electronics store and he wished me luck and was really nice to me :) I was off at half 2 and drove to the Bett. Post Office to ship off a book that someone bought. Then it was over to the cheapest gas station in the nearby area. Then it was trying to get home...but NO not 74 cause the cars were backed up ridiculously far and so I ended up going down the street next to Brady and getting on Centennial and taking the other way around. More gravel road driving, and I seriously need to wash my car now! Home for a few hours, and then back in town to leave a note for my Supervisor about Thanksgiving, then over to harass one of my friends for a bit then to babysitting for 2 hours...I mean, watching tv in a lovely house in Bett. WEEEEEEEE!

I really like my new jobs. I don't know if I've said that yet. I like the fact that we got Dilly Bars after our event on Sunday night, I like that people tell me I did a good job, and I like that they think I know how to do my job because of my experience at the bookstore..lol.

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