06 October 2007

Eyes and Mistakes

Well last night I made a mistake. So I'm telling you so you don't make that mistake as well.

I decided that since my eyes weren't itchy any more from allergies I should go ahead and wear my contacts..contacts that I should have thrown away apparently. I have disposables but I had saved these from pre-allergies...so the right contact was slightly yellowed. But I washed it and rubbed it so it was clean...apparently if contacts turn yellow its BAD. So I wore contacts to work, and about an hour before we left work, I decided to take them out cause they were really bugging me and put my glasses on. Well my right eye was bloodshot. Lovely yeah? After work at home my right eye is a bit foggy and hurts. I went to sleep...well I kept waking up, full on crying...and so I had to get up and get a facecloth and wet it and put it on my eye to keep my eye from watering. So woke up this morning, with a still foggy eye, still hurts, still bloodshot. I have washed it out with Eye Wash but it still is hurting. ARGH.

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