07 October 2007

Emergency Rooms

So last night I ended up barely being able to drive to work..and after being there for 3 miserable hours I decided to go home. I called my mum cause I again could barely drive and she met me halfway and took me over to the emergency room (A&E) at Trinity and luckily it was a calm night so I got right in. Had loads of different eye drops put in my eye, and had 2 doctors look at my eye. Now I'm on Vicadin and have some eye drops. I called into work and told them I might not go in tomorrow, although I still have to call the Opthomologist to get an appointment there tomorrow to have them see my eye and get an anti-biotic. Fun times. Oh I scratched my cornea by wearing a BAD contact..that i should have thrown away and just gotten a new disposable one out. my bad.

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