01 August 2007

E of the Month

So I've decided I should change my name to Mel the Migraine queen cause after being in a climate of rain and wearing hoodies all the day long, now I'm going from an air conditioned building (ie. work) to outside (ie. heat of 20 to 30 C) to my car (ie. turning on air for most of the drive home) to heat (ie. my house)...so i keep getting migraines and headaches and feeling like crap. Tonight I came home and was alright for a while but then I felt a migraine coming on so slept from 7 to 9 pm...yup 2 FULL HOURS after taking my meds of course..and then i was starving so ate eggs and toast. Now I'm completely wrecked and am glad that tomorrow I dont have to deal with air conditioning. Oh and I'm employee of the month. isnt that spectacular. i got a $25 gift card from work, and at some point i'm having lunch with my Gen. Mgr., which should be intersting, at the restaurant of my choosing. I also get a parking spot at the front of the store, even though I like parking far away and walking in. In fact mostly I park farther out then we are required to for the extra walk Oh, and I was gone for 3 weeks and I'm employee of month for July (its always the month previous you are employee for...) so i'm being rewarded for leaving. lol..at least thats what i've been telling everyone.

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