22 July 2007

HP arrives

Well we got through it...yes thats right Harry Potter went on sale and I lived through working the whole darn night. It was complete madness from 8 pm when I got to work til 4:30 when we left the store for the night/morning. We actually were done with customers just after 2 am..and it took us til half 4 to clean the store. Sarah and I had a hotel room and so we didn't have to drive all the way home...we were so tired but wired that we couldn't sleep til just around 5 am. It was really annoying. Saturday was crazy too. People kept calling to ask if we had it..and i got to the point where I was saying to them, when you come in the store there is a table on your right you can pick one up there..lol.

around I had no idea what was going on except wherever I was. I only found out by looking in the newspaper that some boy had dressed up and played the violin right outside the store of one of the HP songs from the movie...and that the line stretched from our table just in the door (to get a wristband to stand in line) to Old Navy which is behind our store by about 800 feet. We rang people up on 6 registers at the front of the store and surprisingly I stayed happy the ENTIRE time..and was giving my manager a hard time while ringing up customers.

Our party lasted from 9 pm til just after 2 am on the 20/21 July. There was so many people time which was quite entertaining. Oh about 4 of these photos are from Intheqc. Thanks!

Main Entrance line where Kit and Ryan mark people off a list and give them their wristband to stand in the register line later.

Brandon trying to take a break before the madness, when suddenly Richard sticks a camera in his face.

Cathy and Jill in the office before the party.

Shaneice and Maria in the cafe before the fun began

Mel and Kathy doing trivia..with a wand...and scaring children as we went.

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