21 June 2007

Girl's Weekend to Manchester

Well after what was a 'girls weekend in the middle of the week' i finally got on a plane last night and flew over here. right now i'm in manchester in the apple store. i have been walking around for nearly 4 hours. have met a lot of nice people and love this city. it's a beautiful day and i discovered they have one of those huge ferris wheels as they do in london so i'm hoping to do that next. i think i slept about an hour maybe 2 on the plane. i'm not sure really. i read an entire book and listened to a lot of music! Here are photos of Manchester!

let's see...in chicago Joy, Maria, Sarah and I ate at PF Changs, walked around the mall, and drove around a bit. Some of us bought some clothes as they were having wonderful sales. Oh yes we went to IKEA...now we all know what items we want to go back and buy when we have a bigger vehicle. Here are my photos of us in Chicago. It's in slide show format.

I better go, I need to eat and go see about that ferris wheel.

mel :)

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