26 May 2006

My brother visits

My brother came home on Monday night. I saw him on Tuesday afternoon after I got done working. We went out for dinner since his birthday was Wednesday. Wednesday I drove him to 2 doctors appointments and we had lunch, went shopping for his wedding gift from me which is a new sleeping bag. Really lovely actually. Then took him to get a fishing license and then out to the campsite the guys were going to be staying at. Andrews home for a wedding he is in, and they had the bachelor party on Wednesday night. So I hung out at the site for a while, helped put up 2 tents and talked. Then came home, tried to cool down and rest since it was soo darn hot outside and I was sweaty ewww. Then after 2 hours went in to town to babysit and then came back home for dinner and nothing exciting. Today I woke up to my brother coming into my room to tell me he had a friend over and didn't want me to be embarassed or anything so that was nice His friend Andy that he went to school with at TIU was visiting cause he is also in the wedding. They were gone all day after they both showered and changed clothes. Now they are sleeping here cause Andy didn't have any other plans. lol. I went shopping today. I bought new shoes that are black sandal type shoes, for nice stuff, like the wedding tomorrow. I'm wearing the outfit I wore to the DDYC summer ball last year. While I was shopping I spotted some Rocket Dog shoes but they didnt have my size so i came home and found them online and a few others I liked and Alex helped me pick out a pair. YAY. Tomorrow is wedding and really nothing else...lol.

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