03 February 2007

Work and Birthdays

This week I:

got a raise at my job working for George...I am now at $11/hour
got a raise at my job working at the bookstore...I will be at $7.75/hr

I have to say that really my 'raise' at the bookstore is not a raise. Iowa has just got on board with the fact that most other states are about a $1.00 or more higher for minimum wages then they are. So my head manager has talked to whoever and gotten it so M and I (all that I know of..cause its 'confidential') are now 25 cents higher then Illinois minimum wage. Iowa minimum wage has been until...,it goes into a two stage affect, $6.25 (i think). Illinois...where i actually LIVE is at $7.50. So now instead of me not being happy that I could be making more in Illinois I'm actually just above minimum wage. M and I talked about it and I realised that actually, we didn't get any raise at all. Because M and I have had 2 or so raises since we've been working there for a year plus a few other reasons that are hard to explain, so we were actually above Iowa minimum wage but below Illinois minimum wage. I told her, basically its like you and I both got jobs in Illinois and have been working there 6 months or so and have had one raise. lol. Oh well.

On Monday I will be 4 years older then my brother for 3 1/2 months. Then it will go back to me being 3 years older then him. WOO exciting times. S's Birthday is today and M's birthday is on Wednesday

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