12 December 2006

well its time for an update.

i'm in the middle of a 6 day work week. it started friday and its going til wednesday. thursday will be my only day off til sometime after christmas with the exception of christmas day. no complaints. just a bit tired and need some pray so that i dont wear myself out and get pneumonia again.

if you think of it pray for me k? for sleep, health, a big ol happy face at work so everyone is happy and not grumpy (customers i mean..and other workers). Sometimes its hard to be cheery when you feel like people are asking you really dumb questions.. YES there are some dumb ?'s in the world.

let's see...things are decent...my car is working, last week mom and i went on a spur of the moment trip to oakbrook, geneva and batavia (near chicago) and did some shopping and eating. was fun told mom we have to go back longer then a day cause we want to spend a day in each Geneva and Batavia. Even saved money and stayed with Uncle Mike and Linda. That was kewl. Plus we took my car so it was fun to see how it drove on the interstate. OO plus Mom bought me an early christmas present of an I-Pass which is an electronic device with money credit on it so whenever you go through the tolls (lots in chicago area) it auto takes money off your account, and you dont have to stop to pay cash which is loads more expensive. YAY.

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