16 November 2006

Merchy Merch and the funky bunch

lately i haven't been online much. i am basically getting on at night once or so to check email/blogs and then going and reading books. i haven't felt that thrilled about sitting here for long periods of time plus i keep getting migraines and its really annoying me. i have one now actually.

work is okay. i'm not getting in trouble for crap cause the past 2-3 weeks all i have been doing mostly is merchandising. (putting out books, stickering them, setting up displays, etc) i have only had to work at register for a few hours as well as at Info. its been great. i really like doing all the merch. i asked a manager about working wednesdays..as she had asked me to do but keeps forgetting to schedule me for...shes very forgetful about the scheduling...its really dumb. anyway, so now i'm working wednesdays i think all thru holidays mostly. as far as i know anyway. so i'm just under 40 hours at the bookstore. plus i'm working for Geo #2 and Friday I'm going to be working with him to tear a bathroom apart (he does bathrooms for his business). plus working on his accounts on the computer which i may work on on thursday.

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