02 September 2006

Crazy Travel

what would be nice
i'm tired...like knackered...wrecked...and i want things to go back to what was considered normal a few weeks ago. i want my car to turn on...i want it to drive itself home....i want to feel rested...i want to stop working friday nights so i can go to games..oh and i want to have enough money paid to me from work so that i can pay off all my bills.

Friday, 1st Sept.

Driving back up to Chicago...hanging out in an airport...all 4 terminals for 9 hours. yes thats what happened. i even called into work to tell them i wasn't coming in.

football games rock may i just say..i miss going to them. red licorice is great..as are bananas...cars are crap... (this is where my car died in Rock Falls, never to be revived)

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