30 June 2006

The Big Day!

My brothers wedding…a commentary (14 to 18 June)

So…after not a whole lot of convincing mum, I booked us 2 train tickets to go to Kansas City leaving on Wednesday afternoon and arriving Wednesday night. The train was fun as usual. I love trains. I love NOT driving and being able to go to the loo and get food and read and listen to music and not have to do anything for a whole 5 hours. YAY. The only issues that arise on this journey are…some lady gets escorted off the train at one of the stops, and gets arrested or something AND some guy in front of me and mum SMELLED so horrible, plus he SNORED….grr.

We get off at the train station, Proksch and Eric and Calvin are there to fetch us. ON TIME. Awesome. We then proceed to hotel…or rather the WRONG hotel. Mum and I call a cab to correct hotel which is a mile down the road..but its nearly midnight, I have a migraine and theres no way we are walking. We get to CORRECT hotel…and eventually sleep. WOOT WOOT.

Thursday…we get up, get rental car, go to eat at lovely café next to Panera, but is NOT Panera…hehe, go to an outdoor shopping plaza that doesn’t have a good selection of clothes, although I do end up getting 8 new pairs of socks, a pair of trousers that they have to ship to me cause the location doesn’t have the right size, and a lovely top, go to John Deere….lol mum always visits these people, go to Cinzetti’s to check out wedding rehearsal dinner plans/location, etc. Then we go to the PLAZA. YAY for decent shopping experience. So first we eat, at a really awesome place with 2 outdoor eating areas, one in front, where we sit, and one out back. Oh and I bought lunch cause it was mum’s pressie from Mothers day. Then we went shopping. I spent like an hour? In the Gap there..and only walked through half the women’s section. I ended up with a huge pile of clothes and bought nearly all of them. This includes a few new tops, some new trousers, shorts and capris, and 3 pairs of pajamas that are ultra comfy. YAY for decent clothes. We went a few other places but I didn’t need much else. Oh and I bought ice cream and water at some point cause I was hungry/thirsty.

Then we went to the hotel and got to see Andrew and Dena. Of course this was after I moved my stuff into my OWN room so I’d be sane for the time we were there. Andrew was having his bachelor party and mom and I were hungry…and so we waited for Dena to arrive over at the hotel, and Heather as well. While waiting Andrew, Proksch and I went swimming, and sat in the hot tub. Then we got dressed and Proksch and I went to the alcohol store since I knew where it was. Lol. Don’t ask. Then we decided where we would eat, over the phone and waited for Dena, Kate and Heather to come over so we could all go together to an awesome Thai place where I had curry…yum yum. After we ate we went back to the hotel and everyone but my mom went to the swimming area and we hung out in the pool and hot tub and Kate watched us and we all made weird comments and had strange conversations about….things that I’m not going to discuss here. Lol. But it was fun. Plus we took alcohol from Andrew (the guys) room and sat in my room. We even took a photo which I don’t have a copy of….Then eventually everyone left or went to sleep.

Friday….oh the cleaning people woke me up and then my mum called and woke me up again. Heather and I got dressed and Scott came over and EVERYONE went to the reception place to decorate. Although I use this term loosely as basically people decorated while I sat on my bum as did my brother and we made comments about the decorations…and my mum kept getting upset with us cause we were doing so. Eventually Fran came with the rest of the decorations and people started doing more stuff…and Andrew and I made more comments about the horrible Lattice board and why it really needed to get put up and how long it would take to take down..and who was going to take it all down and all…and then they decided NOT to use the lattice board and we were quite happy. When I say we, I mean Andrew and Myself. I’m not sure how anyone else felt. But I suppose if Andrew and I had the choice to decorate the place it would have looked a lot different and wouldn’t have taken so much time. But that’s just cause Andrew and I aren’t as fussed about that type of stuff I don’t think. I could be wrong…you’d have to ask Andrew.

Anyway…after what seemed a long time…HEY I was HUNGRY cause I didn’t have breakfast…grr…we finally left. And we went to eat. Of course this was a caravan of cars all going to Applebees. Lol. And mum and I called dad and he was in town at the WRONG hotel as well..so we told them we’d meet them at the correct one and we did and all of us went to Applebees to meet everyone else and EAT! After eating we all went back to the hotel. After which Scott and my dad went to the tux place, since all the other guys, other then Caleb had gotten their tuxes already. I was a bit excited cause we were all going to get our group photo taken. You see, a few years ago Heather, Caleb, Andrew, Proksch, myself and our friend Nick had our photo taken. And I decided since we’d all be together (other then Nick) we should get an update! So the reason the guys ended up being late….was because it took forever for everyone to meet to leave for the photo place, and Andrew shakes his fingers (seriously, he didn’t flip her off for almost hitting us, he like pointed and shook them…it was funny) at some lady who is driving down this ramp from upper area parking down into the normal parking lot where Andrew is driving us around (in Proksch’s car). Caleb and Ivy even were in town and met us there! Then we were on time….amazing, then we had to wait for them to get organized to take our photo since they had all these little kids in for father’s day getting their photos taken. The annoying thing was they told me incorrect pricing…grr! So fine whatever I complain they give me a free photo…lovely. Anyway by the time we actually get the photo taken, the guys still need to change clothes?! And get to the church. But it was funny cause in the car on the way back to the hotel we were all taking the blame for them being late. I was like, its my fault, and basically everyone in the car took their individual turn saying it was their fault and coming up with some reason why. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that situation before. Lol. Ok so everyone leaves the hotel, bar myself cause I didn’t need to go. I think I just watched tv for a bit and then got my stuff together and then went and got grandma Barnes and left. We went and picked up the balloon bouquets my mum picked out and then went over to the restaurant. I have to say it was the most BORING friggin wait of my life. Seriously, it was worse then waiting in an airport cause there was nothing to do. It took everyone ages to get to the restaurant so we could eat for the rehearsal dinner. I was really ready to just go in and start eating myself. Anyway finally..at nearly 7 I think, everyone showed up. The dinner was pretty fun. I missed my dads speech cause I was in the bathroom. OOPS. Oh well. Anyway, the food was good. After that we (all our friends) went back to the hotel and had a fun night, some of us played Risk, I took photos, we all drank different things. Lol. Andrew got me to mess around with settings on my camera, I took photos upside down, and loads of everyone just playing the game. Then we all went to bed…I’m not sure at what time that way. Well we didn’t all really go to bed, since Heather and I watched tv for ages. I think that was the night we watched Backlash or whatever the movie is about fires. The movie does NOT however have Patrick Swayze in it no matter what anyone tells you.

Saturday somehow I either set the alarm or something…anyway I woke up at 9 or so and went back to the mall in grandma’s car to view the photos. Basically they opened the store 5 mins early for me. And I picked out 4 I liked and then they printed them out. Yeah, no one hour waiting for me…woot! Then I went to Panera Bread cause I was starving and went back to the hotel. I think at some point here I was over in the guys room cause we were all bored and had nothing to do for ages. Anyway, after some point, Heather and Scott came back, at this time we had all moved to my room since the guys cleared out of their room and were just watching tv. I’m not sure what time it was when everyone sorta left except for Heather . I know Scott wasn’t there when we got dressed so they must have left for the church. And we got dressed for the wedding, Heather did my hair and make up and her own as well. That was pretty fun! Then Heather and I followed my parents to the church in Heathers car. I was starving at this point and there was no subway left even though my mum thought she bought tons so Heather and Ivy left to go eat and they called me and got my food. A lot of this time was sooo boring, I stood around talking to Eric and whichever guys were out in the lobby of the church. I should have brought a book to read or something. Oh and I showed everyone the photos I had gotten so they could see how they came out. Boredom was high at this point. Eventually photos started…but it took ages to actually get to any photos my family was in so it was a lot of waiting and being bored oh and making faces at Dena cause it was something fun to do. That and it seemed like most people that were there were being all seriously serious.

Eventually Andrew came out to do photos so I had a few extras taken that weren’t on his list. I’m excited to see how our First Free photo came out. That’s what I’m calling it cause it was like ALL us people that were friends there with spouses and Kirk. Lol. We even had some family photos of course….eventually the wedding started and I got to sit in the front row and take photos so that was cool. The sermon seemed like it took forever. The song we sang was really…OLD…and I am still unsure how it has ANYTHING to do with marriage. Anyway, eventually we got to be done with the ceremony and take more photos. At some point I decided I was going to go with Proksch cause I didn’t want to ride with my grandmothers and there wasn’t any room in my parents car cause I thought Andrew & Dena were riding with them. SO I got to review and relearn my stick shifting methods. WOOT I drove Prokschs car the rest of the day….well cept for to the after party. It was fun. Scott even honked at me at some point and it was funny cause I wouldn’t normally think of Scott as doing something funny like that. Let’s see the rest was me taking lots of photos, eating some good cheesecake, and watching the video of the photos and video clips. Eventually we all went back to the hotel. At this point my grandmother asked me to get her some club soda. Yes that’s right, so I drove her car up to Wal Mart. Now normally when you think of Wal Mart you assume they have that stuff….that would be normal..but NOOOOOOOO they didn’t. They directed me to go back across the street over to some cheap? Grocery store. It was pretty nice place, where I was able to get the club soda. By the time I got back I was thinking I’d have to just take grandmas car to the after party cause all my friends had left. But my parents and grandma decided to go so we all went together, again I drove. Good conversation was had by all. I really don’t have a lot to say about this part cause that’s pretty much all that happened. Then we went back to the hotel and Andrew and Dena came and got Andrews stuff out of my room. And then I went to sleep cause I was tired. And the only reason I woke up on Sunday was because my mum called to go to breakfast. They have good hotel food. YUM. Oh and I remembered Father’s day and gave dad his card and everyone at the table was like..OH YEAH…fathers day.. Happy fathers day Chris. It was funny.

Ok so we drove home. Not take the train like I told my mum would be a very very good idea…oh no she thought we should ride home in the car with dad and grandma. Let’s just say it took us nearly 6 hours or more to get home. I drove the first part, then dad, then grandma. We stopped for lunch in Iowa, made 2 rest stops, and stopped to get grandmas dog. When we got to grandmas house mom was like, we should have taken the train. And I nicely pointed out to her that indeed next time when I make a suggestion she won’t just shoot it down, she will say, ‘mel I will think about that and let you know’ instead of saying’ no mel we can ride home in the car’. So I’m pretty sure further journeys anywhere will be taken more seriously. And she very nicely (and fervently) agreed that I was right on this.

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