18 March 2006

When my job status changed...to merch

ok so i'm a tad bit excited. Why you ask? Ok come on please ask? ok ta

Tonight I was asked if I wanted to be a Merchandiser at work. This would mean my new position would be as a Seller. Basically this means I will be setting up display tables, putting books out on the tables, and FINALLY actually properly learning Info Desk, instead of being taught as I ask questions or having Corey be bored and decide to teach me. lol. This means I start next Monday, working Mon + Tues 7 am to 3 pm and continue to work Thurs, Fri and Sat. This also means that I will be babysitting a different day of the week and I need to now find out if I will be able to take 3 weeks off work for NI this summer. It also means I may not do Streetreach. But it means I get a pay increase by 50 cents an hour...and in another 2 weeks or so when I have my 6 month review I'll have another 25 cent increase as well. This means I'll be paid around $6.75 an hour when its all said and done. I was really excited when our General Manager said she had me in mind for an open position at work tonight. I was like..please let it NOT be cafe..cause i don't want to work there. This also means I might not have to learn cafe but I'm not sure. basically this job change means about 20 diff things and I'm excited but a bit like..hmm about parts of it as well. Oh yes it also means I'll change to just under 2 hours short of full time. Which is another thing the GM asked me about...how I was feeling about my current hours amount. She asked if i still worked at the coffeehouse/pottery place and I told her no..she was surprised..but i didn't really feel I needed to tell anyone cause working there didn't interfere with Borders at all. She also told me that I would be able to go full time after I learn the job. This means I'll finally have insurance...and I can go to the doctor and the eye doctor and the dentist I think.. YAY...bout time.

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